Specialist Support Coordination

Australia Wide NDIS Registered Provider

To lead a healthy, well-rounded life, support coordination is essential to organise that all your disability support is being provided. Every participant has unique needs and goals, our expert support coordination services focus on assessing the efficacy of each disability support to bring their participant closer to their goals.

Levels of Support

Support Coordination can be given at three levels – support connection, support coordination and specialist support coordination. At support connection, your support coordination is given with the objective of increasing the participant’s capability to access informal, community and funded supports.

At the highest level of support coordination, a specialist is enlisted to help you navigate your complex situation and manage the challenges of your support. Complete Connect’s specialist support coordination is well equipped to handle any challenges in your support environment and guarantee you constant disability services. Complete Connect helps you to pursue your goals and maximise your plan.

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That’s it! Once we’ve created a plan, all you’ll need to do is put it into action with your care partners.

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