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Tailored Home Care Services Just For You

Complete Connect is your home care specialist. We are care professionals and have extensive experience in providing in-home support. In all that we do, from simple check-in visits to full live-in support, we strive to provide personalised and unique care for each participant, their families and their needs.

Day-to-Day Home Care Services

Day-to-day home care is about providing you with disability support for daily independence. All our home care packages are created for the individual and completely unique. We match you with the right carer and ensure that your support is personal and ongoing.

Home care, live-in care and respite care are different housing arrangements in which day-to-day home care may be suitable. Across the three, you can select the appropriate level of home care you prefer for your needs. In addition to our home care support, we offer community nursing and daily support which you can access from home.

Specialised Home Care Services

Being an NDIS registered provider, we understand there is a spectrum of needs and spectrum of life each participant is on. Our needs or circumstances can call for specialised home care or disability services. Our specialised home care support is tailored to the individual, the home and the circumstance. We have home care specialists with expertise and training to provide:

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