Department of Veteran Affairs

DVA Community Nursing Program

Complete Connect is a government approved Community Nursing Provider for the Department of Veterans Affairs. DVA Approved services are supported by the Community Nursing Program. This program applies to individuals who are a part of the Australian defence Force, Australian Federal Police and War Veterans.

DVA Community Nursing Program

The DVA community nursing program is specially designed and aimed at enhancing the health outcomes and independence of eligible persons by avoiding early and unnecessary admission to residential care or hospital. Community nursing services are provided by the Australian commonwealth Government for veterans who have served in Australian Defence or their loved ones. These services are aimed at maintaining independence at home and should complement rather than replace, other supports provided by another program or by a carer.

DVA Community Nursing Services

Who is the DVA Community Nursing Program for?

The DVA Community nursing program delivers community and home nursing services to eligible people to meet their clinical and personal care needs as assessed.

The program encompasses a range of in-home care or community support programmes that foster independent living, sustained wellbeing and community participation. DVA Approved services fall under Community Nursing and is applicable to individuals who are a part of the Australian Defence Force, Australian Federal Police and War Veterans.

How do I get started?

Get a referral

You need to have a written referral from your GP, a treating doctor, a hospital discharge planner, or the veterans home care assessment agency.

Assess your needs

Your referral will be provided to a community nursing provider, who will arrange for a registered nurse to asses your clinical need for nursing.

Home visit

The registered nurse will conduct a home visit assessment to determine the services you require.

Schedule your services

The community nursing service provider will call you to discuss a suitable time to provide the services.

What is not covered under the DVA Community Nursing Program?

Services offered under this program are based on maintaining a person’s independence at home and should complement rather than replace services that are more appropriately delivered through another program or by a carer. Services that are not covered under the DVA Community nursing program include:

Eligibility and Funding

There is no cost if you are eligible to receive community nursing services. You need to be assessed as needing clinical service and/or personal care to be eligible for the DVA community nursing services. To be eligible for the community nursing services, you need to hold a gold card, or white card and be assessed as needing clinical and/ or personal care. Depending on your DVA card type, the department will fund certain types of care

Gold card holders: 

The DVA will fund community nursing services that meet your assessed personal care and or clinical requirements.

White card holders:

The DVA will only fund community nursing services if they are required due to an accepted disability, this includes war or service caused injury or disease. If you have a white card you might be eligible if the care needed is due to an accepted service-related injury or condition.

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