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Our Mission, Vision & Values


  • Through our vision of being different, we believe in the true meaning of the word ‘care’.
  • We care about building relationship with our clients
  • We care about nurturing and building respect between our clients and their carers.
  • We ensure that freedom of choice, individuality and dignity remain in the hand of those we care for. The Complete Connect model means reassurance and companionship for a few hours a day. For others, it may mean 24/7 live-in-care with complex lifestyle assistance.
Our client-centred approach sets us apart. We know every person and every situation is different. Whether you are in a need of care at a short-notice, Short term accommodation or Supported independent living, we will connect with you and your family to create a service that truly works.


Overcoming Obstacles, Encouraging Abilities

Our mission is to ensure freedom of choice. Individuality and dignity remain in the hands of those we care for, whilst striving towards clients reaching their full potential


Imagine Being the Difference

Each and every one in our team has the ability to create special moments, both big and small. Our focus is to find ways to make things better and be the difference in the lives of our clients.


Compassion, Respect, and Dignity

MMT Care values compassion and reliability, teamwork and diversity, innovation, leadership and growth.