About Us

About Us

Our Mission

Our goal is to help people reach complete wellness. We understand that people are unique, with their own stories and hopes. So we provide completely customised care, both in the home and virtually. In particular, we provide specialised home care and 24/7 community nursing.

We specialise in allied health. With these areas of care, we offer a three-pronged service model. This model makes it easy for you and us, get started on achieving Complete Connect wellbeing and getting the support you need.

Our Specialty

Our services encompass allied health, home care and community nursing. We have 24/7 staff available across Australia, so you know that with Complete Connect your health and wellbeing is always our first priority.

With these supports, you can take your physical, mental, and social health to new heights. From improved mobility from your sessions with our allied health team, your goals are our priority and achievable. Better care and complete wellness for everyone. That’s the Complete Connect guarantee.




Meet Your Support Team

We have a diverse team of specialists from registered nurses, physiotherapists, licensed counsellors and more. You’ll be met with kindness and respect when you interact with Complete Connect.

Leadership Team


Kylie Jones

Chief Executive Officer


Holly Silm

Allied Health Manager


Jane Palmer

Clinical Manager

Operation Team


Kayla Gibson

Client Services Manager


Indianna Colledge

Allied Health Coordinator

Vili Masalu0

Vili Masalu

Team Leader


Mere Tabualevu

Team Leader


Tony Kiri

Operations Manager

Allied Health Team


Maddi Hammet

Registered Occupational Therapist

Untitled design (2)

Wendy Chau

Occupational Therapist

Marko Kazovic

Marko Kazovic

PBSP Practitioner


Sarah Hooley

Positive Behaviour Practitioner


Hasrat Benipal

Positive Behaviour Practitioner


Min Moon

Registered Nurse


Erika Sykes

Registered Nurse

Aidan Searle0

Aidan Searle

Registered Nurse


Charlotte Lystad

Registered Nurse

Linda Wall0

Linda Wall

Specialised Support Coordinator

Why Choose Us?

Quality Service

We make every second you spend with us count. Our simple 3-step service framework ensures your support can make its way to you asap.

Qualified Professionals

Registered nurses, physiotherapists, licensed counsellors and more. Our allied health services provide you with complete care and services connection.

Compassionate Care

You will never be judged for your needs when you access our services. We understand you’re looking for support not judgement.

We are an Australia-wide Registered Provider

Complete Connect is a registered provider offering care and services the way you want. Access support, your way.

Whatever your needs, our allied health, community nursing and home care are registered, complete and provided with care.

Complete Wellness Starts Here! Contact Us

Book a free consultation or contact us for any other enquiries. Our team will reach out to you as soon as possible.

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