Understanding Disability And Its Effect On Mental Health

What Is Considered A Disability?

A disability can be any condition that prevents a person with physical or mental impairment from performing certain activities. 


There are disabilities in learning, development, movement, vision, social and more. It is a diverse group of people with a wide range of needs; two people with the same disability can be affected by it in completely different ways, which is why disability services are individualised for each person according to their needs. 


Having a disability can also affect the individual’s mental health in different ways. Covid-19 magnified the different ways mental health affects each person and was in itself impactful.

What Is Mental Health?

Mental health refers to our psychological, emotional, and social wellbeing. It determines how we think, feel, and act in our lives and also, how we deal with stress, relate to others, and make decisions. A healthy mind is essential for life. 


People with disabilities are more at risk of suicidal thoughts due to the increased prevalence of depression within the community. People with a physical or mental impairment are unable to perform seemingly normal tasks like using public transportation, without facing challenges; the thought of not being able to perform the functions that are considered “normal” in social functioning makes them vulnerable.


People often tend to be indifferent toward people with disabilities, which adds to the person’s loneliness. They experience various types of discrimination and isolate themselves, which has a harmful impact on their health. Anyone who stays alone for a long time can develop depression and unnecessary stress, which is unhealthy for both mind and body.

Lack Of Opportunities

Even in today’s world, we still face discrimination throughout our lives, and it is worse for people with impairments. They get fewer job opportunities because people don’t think they can manage the work and they will need extra care. Most organisations are still not open to providing accessibility technology or actively recruiting people on the NDIS. Lack of jobs can lead one to poverty and will cause stress to the individual.

How To Improve Mental Health?

There are some things that can help people improve their mental health:


Getting professional help can be a way to improve mental health. Especially for people who have been suffering from mental health issues for a prolonged period, seeking counselling or therapy from a healthcare professional can be the first step to improvement. It can help them resolve their issues with frustration and control their temper. Therapy is also a great help for someone suffering from depression or anxiety. Talking with a trusted professional can make a huge difference.

Take Care Of Your Mind

Therapy aside, paying attention to your emotional health is also essential. Try taking breaks between your routine and news and social media; stay away from things that stress you out. It will keep your mind fresh and healthy.

Focus On Meals

A healthy body also has an impact on mental health. Eating unhealthy food all the time will not help you with your mental health either. Try to have more organised meals. Set a time for eating and eat according to the recommendations of your dietitian. Healthy eating will help you fight depression and other mental health conditions.

Talk To Others

Acknowledging the problem is also very important. Consider talking to your family or friends, whoever you feel comfortable with. Tell them what you are going through and ask for help. There is nothing wrong with accepting that you need help. You can only start getting better once you acknowledge your condition..


There is a connection between mental health and disabilities, which is not as simple as it may seem. It is not explicitly related to the disease or illness but more to the social barriers that make it harder to function in society; it is about fighting for opportunities that are easily accessible to others. But mental health problems can be overcome with help.


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