4 Things You Didn’t Know You Can Use Your NDIS Funding For

Are you eligible for NDIS funding and want to know how you can put it to use? We will let you know about surprising things you could spend your NDIS funding on.

What Is NDIS Funding?

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) provides funds to help people with disabilities reach their goals in life. Every participant has a different plan and is provided funds according to their goals and disability. They can use these funds to purchase services and support for their everyday life, which makes living with a disability easier. These funds cannot be used to pay their bills or rent. They are strictly to help them get the support they need to live while managing their disability.

Participants are often unsure about how they can spend their funding. They commonly use it for everyday routines including personal care and maintaining home environments. NDIS funding helps participants afford the support they need with these tasks.

Another everyday use for NDIS funding is buying healthcare devices that the participant might need. Healthcare devices can help keep a patient’s health in check, and since it is essential for good wellbeing, NDIS funding can be spent on these devices.

These are just the primary uses of NDIS funding, but there are many others.

1. Pets

Pets are loving and affectionate creatures in your life, but they also demand much care. It can be pretty tough to take responsibility for a pet. NDIS funding allows you to hire a service provider for your pet. The service provider will feed, bathe, clean and play with your pet.

2. Hobbies

Another valuable thing you can spend your NDIS funding on is learning new hobbies. You might get bored if you don’t do something productive. While NDIS helps you find a job of your liking with capacity-building support, you don’t have to work if you don’t want to. You can also learn a hobby you always wanted to try but didn’t have the means for. With NDIS funding, you can try and excel at it.

3. Driving

Learning to drive might have been a goal for you, but did it feel like a dream far from reality? NDIS funding allows you to make that dream come true. You can also use this funding on your driving lessons and become more independent than ever.

4. Transport

NDIS covers your transport expenses with bus and taxi fares, but do you know you can also hire a service provider to take you to work and school? Travelling in buses and taxis can sometimes be a hassle for you, so it is better to have a personal service provider to take you around, and NDIS funding allows you to have this facility.

How To Decide What To Use Funding For?

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) allows you to meet with your healthcare providers every year. In those meetings, your NDIS plan is reviewed to see how many goals you achieved in the last year and the changes made to your plan for the next year accordingly. You can discuss your funding with your provider in this plan review meeting and plan how you will spend your funds for the following year. You could learn a new hobby, or you could hire a service provider to drive you. Everything can be done in accordance with your disability and goals for the future.

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