7 Reasons Why NDIS Capacity Building Support is Worth it

What Is Capacity Building Support?

Capacity Building Supports are part of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). They help people with disabilities become more independent and help them with everyday life. They are related to Core Supports that allow you to perform your daily tasks with ease. Capacity Building is a process of developing abilities, instincts, and skills that help participants thrive and reach their goals as they get stronger.

Capacity Building and NDIS

This support helps participants get better at interacting with others; it increases their confidence and develops positive behaviours, which is a goal of NDIS as well. This support also improves a person’s mental and physical health by managing their diet. These supports are important disability services for participants and their daily life.

Capacity Building Support works hand-in-hand with the National Disability Insurance Scheme to improves the lives of people with a disability in the following ways:

Improved Livelihood

NDIS capacity building support provides you with the funds to rent short-term accommodation. You can choose to live alone or share the accommodation with someone. This service means accessing improved living arrangements and finding a community. You can ask a service provider to help you find a suitable accommodation.

Improved Livelihood

While developing your independence you can engage with others in the community. By becoming more comfortable in the community and interacting with others, participants can gain confidence and greater independence in their lives. Participants can feel less inhibitions in actively joining in community activities once their confidence has been built.

Job Search

If you become eligible for this support, an employment service provider can help you find a job that is most suitable. Your provider can help you update your resume and prepare for interviews.

Improved Routine

Your daily life becomes more organised and independent with Capacity Building support. Your core support providers help you with daily tasks like showering, cleaning, and maintenance. Capacity Building can help you develop the skills to reduce your assistance. Greater independence lends a sense of satisfaction and authority over one’s life, and a positive outlook.


A service provider can help you with your education. They could help you in your transition from school to university, setting a budget for the textbooks, assisting you in the classroom, and setting a timetable for your studies. This support will help you improve your learning experience.

Improved Health

Your health and wellbeing is the most important thing. Capacity Building can fund disability services for nutrition and exercise assistance. You might choose to spend your funding on a personalised diet plan to help you with your physical and mental wellbeing.

Develop Social Skills

Capacity Building Support helps you socialise with more people through living in a community in short-term accommodation. It also improves your relationships with your family and friends as you make improvements overall in your social skills.

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