Tips for Maximising Your NDIS Funding and Support

Many people still have questions about the NDIS, especially regarding who is eligible, what is covered, and how to apply. We’ll take a look at some of the most important things you should know so that you can take full advantage of the program.

1. Determine Your Eligibility

Check your area’s availability of the NDIS before applying for it if you would like to be eligible! Check this map to see if it covers your local area if it is covered in your area.

Once you know whether the NDIS is available in your area, make sure you meet the eligibility criteria. To be eligible:

  • Among the ages of 7 and 65 (help is available for kids under 7);
  • Have residency in Australia; and
  • Have a permanent or significant disability, or need support now to reduce your likelihood of requiring it in the future.

You can call the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) at 1800 800 110 if you’re unsure whether you or a family member qualify for the NDIS. If you’re applying for the NDIS, this agency is your first port of call, so you’ll have to speak with them at some point.

2. Do Your Homework

The NDIS provides a wide range of support, equipment, and services for people with disabilities. This program provides funds to help you improve your quality of life, become more independent, and reach your goals. Whether it is finding a job, finding housing, or joining a community activity, these services can assist you. A wide range of support is available.

Knowing what the NDIS can do for you will empower you to make it work for you. The NDIS website is an excellent place to start, and we have compiled a guide to help you here.

3. Be Realistic and Plan for Your Future

The fact that your NDIS funding lasts until you are 65 does not mean your plan has to remain unchanged. There’s a chance that your goals have changed, or you’re less dependent on a service or support thanks to some excellent therapy.

Therefore, reviewing your plan every year is essential for living to your full potential.

4. Fine-Tune Your Plan

NDIS plans, which are developed at planning meetings, are a core component of the program. This plan describes the support you will receive to help you achieve your goals – and it is all about you and your goals. The plan consists of two parts: how you will achieve your goals and how you will be supported.

You can get the funding you need for services you want by planning and knowing your goals. An NDIS planner will meet with you, and their job is to guide you in crafting the right plan.

Trying to think about everything in your life can seem overwhelming! That’s why we have experts ready to help. Start by giving us a call, or filling out our referral form. We are here to guide you through any process or problem, or to help you set goals for your future.

To get started, start by making a list of your goals, and current problems that need more support. Try to give as much information as you can. We can help you put together a comprehensive package with all of the documents you might need, including referrals from doctors and therapists.

Help is at Hand with Complete Connect

Complete Connect is an Australia-wide NDIS Registered Provider for helping you access the program to the fullest. Using our expertise, we can design a plan that satisfies your current needs and helps you reach your future goals.

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